Matthew 16:13-28


Matthew 16:13-28


Peter confessed Jesus Christ as the promised Messiah. The Son of the living God. By divine revelation God reveals it to Peter. Jesus talking to Peter says, “on this Rock I will build my church.” Jesus was speaking about the truth in what Peter proclaimed. It is Jesus that is the Foundation, the Rock. It is His truths and teachings that the church is built upon. The expression “The gates of Hades” meaning the power of death has no foothold or can prevent the advancement of the Kingdom, His truth. Jesus says, “I will give you the keys of the kingdom of Heaven.” Jesus will give authority, knowledge and power through Him. Opening the Kingdom to all believers and shutting it against unbelievers. Jesus commanded the disciples to tell no one He was Jesus the Messiah. Jesus knew if all the people knew of the truth, they wouldn’t crucify Him.

Jesus prepares the disciples for His death and resurrection. He rebukes Peter for unknowingly speaking for Satan. Peter's mind was not on the things of God, but on the flesh. Jesus recognized the same words to avoid suffering when Satan tempted Him in Matthew chapter 4:1-10. Jesus tells them to tell others, “take up their cross and follow Him.” Jesus is speaking of discipleship, putting the interests of the Kingdom first in our lives. Jesus tells them that some of them will see Him in all His glory, His transfiguration.


We should let go of self-centered ways and pursue the will of God. Denying ourselves the pleasures of the flesh that could cause sin. We must understand that Jesus loves us. The Word of God tells us what He went through; Jesus was willing to go through great sufferings for us to have eternal life. It’s in our best interest to let go of things that would hinder us having a more intimate relationship with Him. It is Jesus’ truths, teachings, mission and His kingdom we should be focused on. We all make mistakes; the disciples weren’t perfect either. The more we stay focused on God learning His word and praying, the less time we will have to worry about things that only God can take care of. When we accept Him as our Savior, we receive power through Him and knowledge to resist things that are of this world. God loves us so much. He deserves to be loved, honored and praised!


Our Father in Heaven, thank you for allowing us to have a relationship with you. I ask that as I read Your word and pray, that You enable me to grow stronger in You. Continue to show me Your love and place a desire within my heart to pull closer to You. It is all because of Jesus that I have eternal life with You. Help me to live my life according to Your will. Strengthen me as I resist the enemy and temptation. Continue to help me share the love and salvation through Jesus to the lost. Thank you for Your mercy and love. In Jesus name, Amen.