Matthew 16:1-12


Matthew 16:1-12


Both the Pharisees and the Sadducees tempted Jesus again asking Him to show a sign from heaven. The answer Jesus gave them was a clear rebuke. Jesus basically says, “you can interpret the weather but clearly you cannot see what is in front of you.” Jesus talking about the fulfillment of the kingdom, prophecies being fulfilled and Jesus being the Messiah that has come. Jesus refused to give them any other sign. If we look back at Matthew 12:39, Jesus gives them the same answer.

Jesus calls them an adulterous generation, because they thought of themselves pure in their own eyes. Believing they have done no wrong. Jesus sees there is no use to quarrel with men that obviously have a made up mind and hearts. These men could see no wrong in themselves. Jesus has a discussion with His Disciples concerning bread. Jesus is speaking of spiritual things by using the similarities found in natural things.

The Disciples misunderstood Him. They had forgotten to bring bread with them. Jesus had just finished a discussion with the Pharisees and Sadducees. Jesus then warned the Disciples that their ways were like yeast, souring and fermenting wherever they went. Because they forgot the bread the disciples thought Jesus was bringing up their forgetfulness. Jesus was actually protecting them. Jesus corrects the disciples and reminds them of His ability to supply for all of their needs. Even though they had no bread, Jesus reminded them of the feeding of five thousand with five loaves. After further explanation, the disciples understood that the yeast was not about the bread it was a warning about the ways of the Pharisees and Sadducees.


You would think by now the Pharisees and Sadducees would have reasoned amongst themselves coming to an understanding that Jesus is telling the truth. Sometimes truth is hard to bite down on when your heart is hardened and can see no wrong within yourself.

The Pharisees would be considered legalists. The Sadducees were rationalists and materialistic, they denied the supernatural elements in religion that Jesus continued to show through miracles.

We should be careful with the hearts of people we have relationships with. Dads, mothers, sons, daughters, brothers, husbands, wives, friends and our church family. None of us are perfect here on earth. When someone forgets something important, correction may be needed. It always should be done in love and not beating that person down by making them feel worse than they already do. Remember, we all have forgotten something in our lives. There will be times when we may be faced with sharing Jesus with people that are difficult.

Every situation is different, remember God gives everyone free will. It is not our job to “make” someone believe in the truth and salvation of Jesus. We shouldn’t argue about the Word of God. Always share the Word with the love of Christ flowing through us. We need to be aware of and careful with those that have not accepted Jesus as their Savior. We cannot ignore or be judgmental toward non-believers. Jesus came for those who don’t believe! Loving them like Jesus is important.

We  have to guard our own hearts as well. We must be careful not to let popular culture or secular nature sour us or cause us to sin. Seek God’s direction and He will give you an “out” in those moments where you are tempted. God knows of our needs. When something happens to possibly cause doubt, we must remind ourselves that provision comes from Him. He is our Jehovah-Jireh, God our Provider!


God, thank you for providing me with the Word. Thank you for knowing exactly what my needs are before I even know. Give me the strength and ability to share Jesus with anyone no matter the outcome. I believe Your word will always stay imprinted upon their hearts. Protect my heart and let me know when it’s time to walk away. Continue to show me Your love, mercy and forgiveness through Jesus. Let me not grow quick to anger with anyone. Help me to forgive as Jesus would. You are my Redeemer, my Provider. I give you all the glory and praise for all that You do. Faithful You are, In Jesus name, Amen.