Matthew 15:29-39


Matthew 15:29-39


Great crowds gathered around Jesus and brought others with all kinds of ailments to be laid at His feet for healing. The crowds were amazed when they witnessed healing take place right in front of them.

Jesus asks His disciples to feed the crowds that have been hanging around for three days. The disciples wonder where they can find that much food. Jesus asks them how much they have. They take what they have and give it to Jesus who gives thanks and then gives it back to the disciples to be disbursed to the crowds. Not only did everyone eat. There were leftovers. 4,000 men not including women and children.




There is healing for every situation in the presence of Jesus.

The disciples asked Jesus where they could find enough food to feed the crowds. They didn't realize that He could do more with what was in their hands than they could ever imagine. It should remind us that when God asks us to do something, it indicates the supply necessary for success. In other words, God only makes demands where He has first made deposits.

The disciples have to first give to Jesus what they had so that it could be multiplied. Knowing that God can take our volunteered time, financial generosity and all other sacrificed resources further than we could ever imagine, we have to recognize that we first have to give “it” to Him before He will multiply it.

The disciples did not think that seven fish and a few small loaves would do any good. Their resources seemed so small compared to the need in front of them. We can never underestimate what God can do through our generosity. Where we are willing to give our resources over to be used for His Kingdom there is no sacrifice too small. 


God thank you for Jesus! Today I pray that you would show me the areas of my life that I am holding back from You. God, I know that You can do more with my time, more with my money, and more with my talents than I could ever imagine. Give me a generous heart God. And, use my generosity to lift up the Name of Jesus. It is in His Name that I pray, Amen!