Matthew 14:22-36


Matthew 14:22-36


After Jesus fed the five thousand, we saw the story of Jesus walking on water unfold. The disciples were sent ahead to start their journey to Gennesaret. But along their way, the wind and waves became strong and tossed them about. When Jesus saw this, He came to the disciples, walking on water. They were frightened, not knowing who it was, but Peter noticing it was Jesus, called out to Him. Jesus told Peter to come and Peter got out of the boat. Peter noticed the harsh wind and began to sink, calling out to Jesus. Jesus rescued Peter and questioned Peter saying "Why do you doubt?" The wind stopped and all of the disciples in the boat worshipped Jesus, because they recognized that He was the Son of God.


Be like Peter. Step out of the boat. Just like the disciples were in the midst of a storm with the wind against them, we have the enemy working hard to keep us in the boat. But when we step out of the boat we have the comfort of Jesus. Yes, we may sink, but if we fix our eyes on Him, the storms of this life will not have the power to shake us.


Lord, we come to You willing to step out of the boat. May we set our gaze on You and look past the storms that try to hold us back. Give us the courage to take that first step and to not be afraid of what’s to come when we do. Thank you for your guidance and for being our rescuer through the storms and trials of life. It is in your name we pray, Amen.