Matthew 14:13-21


Matthew 14:13-21


After Jesus was told about John the Baptist, He went looking for solitude but a crowd of people heard and followed Him. He felt for His people and continued to heal them. The disciples soon noticed that evening had come and told Jesus to tell the people to leave. But Jesus said that they were to stay and for the disciples to feed them. They were worried that what they had would not be enough. So Jesus blessed the food that was brought to Him and the disciples passed it out to every person, which was about five thousand men not including women and children. There was plenty left over!


In this passage of scripture we see how Jesus provides. So many times we question saying "That won't be enough" or "I have nothing left."  We see in this story that Jesus literally multiplied what the disciples already had. He didn't add to their food, saying "Oh, here, I just happened to have 1,000 pizzas in my tent." He took what they had and MULTIPLIED it. The disciples only needed to trust Jesus with what they already had. Think about the multiplication that you are missing out on in your finances, your relationship and just general life when you keep them from Jesus' blessing. Jesus provided for those five thousand and wants to be your provider too. But He can't multiply what you don't give to Him first.


Jesus, thank You for Your provision. We are grateful that we can come to You in our time of need and that You respond to us with compassion. We pray for the desire to bring everything we have to You, to let go of what is not ours to begin with and to treasure everything You give to us. Let us not be caught up in our thoughts of what we don't have and look to You to multiply what we do. We love You Lord and it is in Your name we pray, Amen.