Matthew 14:1-12


Matthew 14:1-12


Today we read about John the Baptist's death. We see how Herod wasn't a fan of what John had said about his brother's wife. John the Baptist had brought truth to light. So Herod took John as a prisoner but did not kill him for the sake of the people. But, Herod's foolishness got the best of him and he made a promise he had to keep. So it was then that John the Baptist was killed.


There will be people you come across that will persecute you for your faith. They will reject what you speak and bash you for standing up for what is right. But, like John we can't let that deter us from speaking truth and pushing forward in doing God's work. So knock out the enemy, because amongst the wolves there are sheep who need someone that will speak out and give that little glimpse of hope that this world so desires.


Lord, build us up to become warriors in this world. Give us strength to push past the fear of persecution against us and Your word. Set our hearts ablaze God and may the flames overshadow the fear that rises every time we set out to crush the enemy. For You are with us everywhere we go and You are our strength and our shield. Thank You, Lord for Your comfort and for going before us in every battle. For it is in Your name we pray, Amen.