Matthew 6:1-24

Matthew 6:1-24


Jesus talks about generosity, prayer, fasting, and what we treasure the most will tell us where our hearts truly are. He says “When you” do these things and then goes into greater detail and instruction.  


Jesus said “when you…”. When you what? He said “when you” give, fast and pray. It is an expectation not a suggestion. His language says that He is assuming we as His followers do these things. He is assuming that we as Christians will be generous with our finances, that we will pray regularly, and that we will see fasting as a regular spiritual discipline.

*NOTE: We talk in depth about fasting in our beginning of the year “REfresh 21 days of prayer and fasting” season. Fasting is one way that we disconnect from the things of this world (food) and refresh our connection with God.

Am I generous with my finances or do I feel like what’s mine is mine? Do I pray regularly or only when things go wrong? Do I see times of fasting and disconnecting from the things that tie me to this world as valuable or does it seem like a useless inconvenience?

A church full of generous people can have an impact on a community that shakes the city to its core. A church full of people who pray regularly has access to a fuel source that cannot be stopped. A church who sees the benefits of regularly disconnecting from the things of this world has a heart and an ear that is tuned to Heaven. Let’s be that church! What part can you play?   


God thank you for Jesus! Today I pray that You would show me how I can better steward my finances to advance Your Kingdom. I pray that You would stir in my heart a new desire for times of prayer. And, I pray that You would weaken my desire to remain connected to the things of this world. God bring my perspective in line with Your will. In Jesus Name I pray. Amen!