Matthew 5:13-16


Matthew 5:13-16


Jesus uses several illustrations to describe “us” as His church. While talking to the crowd He tells them that we are like salt, a bright light and a town or city perched high on a hill that cannot be hidden. He asks question in contrast too. What if salt loses its saltiness? Why would someone light a lamp only to put it under a bowl? That wouldn’t make any sense. Jesus says that as this light, we are to shine for those around us. As we shine with this God-given light, people around us will see it and they will give glory to God.


Salt must come into contact with something in order to have an impact. Light cannot shine if it is covered. A city on a hill cannot be hidden. We have to ask ourselves who do we come into contact with on a regular basis? Is our “saltiness”  creating a greater thirst for Jesus? What environments are we in that have the darkness necessary for light to be appreciated?

Jesus said we are like a city on a hill. As the church we should be that visible in our community. Visible in a way that won’t allow people to ignore us. This is accomplished at the individual level as every person in the church puts this into practice. But, with that visibility comes responsibility. Responsibility to ensure that people glorify God and not us. We have to make sure that our visibility is used purely to leverage the light of God shining through us and that “saltiness” Jesus said we possess. God calls His church to ensure systems for visibility. Systems without spirit are hollow and empty. A system of visibility without the Spirit of God won’t show people Jesus.    


God thank you for Jesus! Thank you for how Your word speaks to me. God help me to see the areas in my life that You are calling me to create a greater thirst for Jesus. Show me how to be “salty”. God I pray for my church! I pray that you would give us the courage to remain visible and the faithfulness to keep Your Spirit leading the way. In Jesus Name I pray. Amen!