Matthew 13:24-43


Matthew 13:24-43


Jesus is teaching about the Kingdom of God using parables. He tells a parable about how the Kingdom of Heaven is like a farmer who planted seeds in his field. The farmer’s enemy snuck into the field and planted weeds among the wheat. He warns of pulling the weeds up prior to the harvest for fear of taking some of the wheat with it.

Jesus uses another parable about a mustard seed to explain what the Kingdom of Heaven is like. He says that while the mustard seed is small it will grow into something that is very large. He says what started small will eventually provide a place for the birds to perch on its branches.

When Jesus and His disciples left the crowd and went into a house they asked Him to explain the parable of the weeds in the field. Jesus explains that the farmer who sowed the good seed is Him. The field is the world. Jesus explains that the good seed that yields a good crop is from Him and the bad seed that yields the weeds is from the devil. Jesus explains how the harvest He references in the parable speaks of the end of the world.   


Jesus often uses parables to teach His disciples. One of the most powerful pictures in this reading is when Jesus and His disciples depart from the crowd. Jesus goes into the house and His disciples follow Him. It is in this escape to a more private setting that His followers can ask Him for a more clear explanation of His public teaching.

Sometimes when we hear a message at church or a worship song with a powerful message we don’t always fully understand what God might be trying tell us through it. It’s important that when we feel God is trying to teach us something new we spend time in private prayer asking Him for further clarification.

Like the disciples who followed Jesus into the house to ask questions, we should take the things that God shows us through:

  • Reading our bible

  • Messages at church

  • Songs we hear

  • Friends that we go to for wise counsel

  • Etc.

We should keep track of those things and even though we cannot follow Jesus into a house we can come to Him in our own prayer time.


God thank you for Jesus! Today I pray that You would stir up a new hunger in me for Your guidance, direction, and wisdom. I pray that I would recognize the moments when You are speaking to me. Like the disciples followed Jesus into the house to ask for clarity, thank You that I can take my questions to You in prayer. It’s in Jesus Name that I pray, Amen!