Matthew 12:46-49


Matthew 12:46-49


While Jesus is talking to a crowd He is approached by someone who tells Him that His “Mother and brothers” are standing by waiting to speak to Him. Jesus responds by saying “who is my mother, and who are my brothers?”. Jesus says that His brothers and mother are whomever does the will of God.


Family dynamics can be complicated. We all have them! Many of us have traditions, expectations, and even commitments that are based on our family. Jesus is showing us that where our family traditions don’t line up with Kingdom living we have an important decision to make. We can claim the family of God based on our desire to do His will...OR, we can do things and say things that we know are offensive to God for the sake of what might be “family traditions”.

Traditions don’t make a family. Relationships do. As Christ followers we have to be willing to let go of things that create a barrier to our spiritual growth. Sometimes that means having awkward conversations with family members or friends. We have to constantly challenge ourselves to ensure that traditions don’t trump obedience.  


God thank you for Jesus! Today I pray for my family. I pray that You would allow me to be an example of Your love, grace, mercy and character to those closest to me. God show me the areas of my life where tradition trumps obedience. Give me the courage to take the necessary steps to change that. In Jesus Name I pray, amen!