Matthew 12:38-45


Matthew 12:38-45


Some of the religious leaders asked Jesus for some type of sign that proved He was who He said He was. Jesus rebuked them for their request. Jesus uses the story of Jonah in the whale to describe His temporary “burial”. As Jonah was in the belly of the whale for three days and three nights so too will Jesus be in the grave for three days before He is resurrected.

Jesus seems to shift gears and teaches about impure spirits. Jesus uses the example of a house that has been “swept clean”. He says that an impure spirit that returns to find a “clean house” will bring back with it seven of it’s friends. Jesus says that the final condition of the person will be worse than before.

Jesus then says that this example is how it will be with this wicked generation. He shows us that He wasn’t shifting gears at all. He was using this as a teachable moment.


We can empty ourselves of as much sinfulness as we are able. In our desire to grow closer to God we can adjust relationships, change patterns, and even see renewal in our minds. But, all of our efforts in the natural really just boil down to temporary behavior modification without Jesus. We have to see that where we empty ourselves of these things but fail to fill those spaces with Jesus, we are setting ourselves up for what could be a condition that is worse than when we started.

Filling the newly vacant spaces in our heart with Jesus does not guarantee that we won’t face trials and temptations. It does not guarantee that old habits, thoughts and doubts won’t knock on the door and try to find their way back in. It does not guarantee that those things won’t come back stronger and with seven of their friends. But, it does guarantee that when they do, they will encounter the reality that while all of Hell might break loose in your life all of Heaven is fighting for you.


God thank you for Jesus! Today I pray that You would show me the areas in my life that I have not allowed You to fill. I pray that You would show me what places in my life are vulnerable. I pray that my life would not just be a “house swept clean” but a place that is swept clean and filled with Your presence. Today I welcome You in. In Jesus Name I pray, amen!