Matthew 11:1-30


Matthew 11:1-30


After Jesus had finished instructing his disciples, he continued on to Galilee to teach and preach. John the Baptist was imprisoned at this time and sent his disciples to inquire about the deeds of the Messiah. Jesus told John’s disciples to go back and report of the miracles that were seen and heard. Jesus speaks to the crowd about John and defends his faithfulness and affirms Himself as the Messiah due to the nation rejecting much of John’s teachings and even questioning Jesus. Jesus denounced the towns where he performed his miracles because the people did not repent of their sins and because of their lack of faith. The chapter ends with Jesus thanking and praising the Father and acknowledging His authority.


Jesus wants a personal relationship with us and He can handle our questions and doubts. However, He makes it very clear that there are consequences for unbelief. Just as Jesus acknowledges his Father’s authority we should do the same when we come to Him. It is important to recognize his authority but also come to Him confidently as our Father in heaven who loves us. Jesus tells us that we can come to Him when we are “weary and burdened” and He will give us rest…the kind of rest that only He can give. We allow ourselves to become so consumed with earthly burdens when Jesus’ burden is meant to be light. His burden is actually quite simple, love God and love people.


Father, thank you for your Son! Thank you for your grace and mercy which we are so undeserving of. Help us to remember that you are the only source for rest when we are weary and burdened. Remind us of that when we are consumed with earthly burdens that we were never meant to carry on our own. It is in your name we pray, Amen.