Matthew 10:1-42


Matthew 10:1-42


In today's scripture we see Jesus sending out the disciples. He sent them with authority and specific instructions on what they were to do. Nothing was left unsaid, from where they were to go to who they were to reach. Jesus speaks of the persecution that was to come as they went out speaking of His name. He tells them to not be anxious of what they are to say for it will be given to them. Jesus urges them to bring to light all that He has spoken to them and to not fear those that will try to break them of their spirit for they were of value in His eyes.


Just as we have read about the disciples being sent out with Jesus' authority, WE have been sent out to spread His word. We each have been given instructions on what we are to do, who we are to reach and where we are to go. There is no confusion, Jesus said He will give us the words to speak.

We need only to be willing to move. Fear of ridicule is real, but remember that we are of importance to God and to not let the enemy throw you off course.


Jesus, we come to You with willing hearts. We humble ourselves to do the work You have laid out for us. Give us the courage to speak Your word and to seek those in need of You. May the enemy run in fear as we go out proclaiming Your name. Thank You for Your presence and the value You place on our lives. It is in Your name we pray, Amen.