Matthew 9:14-34


If we revisit the last two devotions, this is the third time Jesus brings good out of evil situations in this chapter; Jesus' authority of power to forgive sin and His willingness to receive sinners. It was brought into question by the Pharisees and Scribes. Now we have the disciples of John questioning Christ’s disciples about fasting trying to get an answer out of Christ’s disciples to find fault with Jesus. John's disciples were focused on Jesus' disciples not following the religious rituals like the Pharisees.

Jesus explains that He is the Bridegroom and there will be a time for them to fast. Jesus speaks of the old ways and the new ways concerning Christianity. Jesus' disciples were young in their faith. I love this about Jesus!

No matter who you are, all you have to do is take a knee in humble faith and just ask for His help. Just as the ruler asked for his daughter and the woman’s faith in just touching the edge of His garment. Again, Jesus proves that He sees into the hearts of men and women by turning to the woman and healing her. Even though Jesus was laughed at, He proved that He has the power over life and death. Jesus heals the men saying, “let nobody know", setting an example of humility for us to learn about Him. Jesus delivers a man possessed that others brought to Him. They had faith in Jesus for the man. The Pharisees continue to try and disprove the power of Jesus and His ways.


All things are possible with God! We must have faith and believe that miracles do happen. As children of God, what we do and say reflects upon what we believe in our hearts. Everything we do for God, let it be for His glory and praise, not our own. Jesus protected the integrity of His disciples by the answer He gave John’s disciples. We can be reassured that God will protect us in times when our relationship with Him and our integrity is questioned.

Continue to believe with all your heart, no matter what you're going through. God will certainly deliver the ones He loves. Let’s not focus on the rituals or routines. We can become complacent and just do things because it’s the right thing to do. In everything we do for God it should be because of our admiration and love for Him.


Our Heavenly Father, we thank you for Jesus! Please help us not to overlook the heartaches of another.  There is no miracle too great for You. Imprint that upon our hearts and minds so our faith pours over into those that need encouragement. Jesus, use us to remind others of Your unconditional love. Thank you for watching over us in all that we do. Help us to continue to grow in Your wisdom and love. We give you all the glory and praise. In Jesus name, Amen!