Matthew 9:1-8


Matthew 9:1-8


Jesus performs two miracles. The forgiveness of sins and a healing. Jesus told the paralytic your sins are forgiven. Immediately the scribes passed judgement on Jesus, accusing Him of blasphemy in their hearts and minds. Jesus didn’t get mad at the scribes for what he saw in their hearts, Jesus simply revealed that He knew. Jesus sees into the hearts of all men and women. The paralytic didn’t confess his sins to Jesus.

Jesus looked at the man’s heart and saw the undisclosed sin. Jesus saw the faith in the men that brought Him to the paralytic. Jesus spoke His authority forgiving the man of his sin. Jesus proved His power on earth to forgive sins by healing the paralytic in front of the people. He arose a new man in Christ, the people glorified God.


We should examine our hearts daily with humility. The only perfect human to walk the earth was Jesus. When we fall short and sin, Jesus has the power to forgive and raise us up if we believe and have faith in Him. Our confidence and faith in Jesus gives us the ability to believe God's best for those who are lost, for family and for friends. Speaking a few kind words to someone when you feel God prompt you can make an eternal difference in their life. When you speak where God prompts you it carries His authority.  


Our Lord in Heaven, please search my heart and reveal to me things I need to change. Let those changes in me, through my faith in You, raise me up and set me on the correct path. I believe you have the power to make me and others whole in Your precious name. Remind me daily of the ones I need to continually pray for. I give you praise and thank you for all that You do, Amen!