Matthew 8:28-34


Matthew 8:28-34


When Jesus got to the other side of Gadarenes, two men that were demon possessed, came out of the cemetery and approached him. They were so violent that people couldn't pass through that way. They yelled at Jesus, "Son of God, what do you want with us, have you come to torture us before the appointed time?" A distance away from where they were was a huge herd of pigs eating. The demons begged Jesus, " If you drive us out, send us into the herd of pigs." Jesus simply said "Go!" So they came out of the men and went into the pigs; the entire herd headed straight to the lake and drowned. The workers tending the pigs ran to town to tell everyone what they saw Jesus do. Then everyone from the town came to Jesus asking Him to leave.


In this situation, Jesus doesn't say much. No questions, no teaching and no explanations. However, the demons had a bit to say. The demons acknowledged Jesus as the Son of God, and they also acknowledged His rule over them. The demons were so powerful that people stopped passing the area and found another way to go.

Often times, we let problems keep us from the way that God intended for us to go. Our past, our fears and even our current situations can keep us from all that God wants for us. However, standing firm in Christ and His word, gives us the power to continue on. Sometimes it's telling negative people in our lives to GO! Sometimes it's standing still in prayer and allowing Christ to fight for us and sometimes it's finding the courage within ourselves to continue on where God has called us to even we there is an obstacle in the path.

People won't always understand the work that Jesus does in your life. The invitations to hang out with friends may stop. Shows that once were entertaining may have to cease and time spent reading God's word and praying may even get you made fun of. However, the reward is a clear path! Not an easy path, but a path that you know you have to be on. A path that you can be certain that if God called you on,  any issue you face must surrender to the power of the One that called you.


Lord thank you for your direction. Thank you for your provision as we move in the direction you have called us.  Lord, there are real problems and issues that can stop us from going in the way you have called us. Help us to look to you in those times and situations. Help us to trust in your leading and your power. Amen.