Matthew 8:1-22


Matthew 8:1-22


Jesus is followed by the crowds of people he had been teaching. A man came to Jesus asking to be healed and Jesus does so. He tells the man not to tell anyone but the priest, and then to offer the proper gift that would confirm his healing. 

Jesus then goes to Capernaum. There he encounters a Roman general and the general asks Jesus to heal one of his servants. Jesus says to the man that he will go and heal the servant but the man says that the travel isn't needed. He tells Jesus that he only needs to speak the words and the servant will get up. Jesus was taken aback by the general's faith and stated that no one else in Israel had such belief in him.  He tells the general to go and that what he asked of Jesus would be done at the moment. 

Jesus goes to Peter's house and heals his mom, she gets up and begins to serve the Lord. Many people come to Jesus with ailments and issues and he continues to heal. The crowds are still following Jesus and he tells the disciples to prepare to cross the water. A teacher of the law comes to Jesus and says that he will follow Jesus wherever he goes. Jesus tells the guy that he has a specific place to call home. Another guy tells Jesus that he needs to bury his father and Jesus says "Follow me, and let the dead bury their own dead".


There is something simple but also different about the way this guy approaches Jesus about being healed. It forces us to look at the amount of humility that we have in our own heart. The guy first knelt at the feet of Jesus before he asked for something. Many don't often position themselves in a posture of humility before  beginning to spit out requests before a Holy God. The reason Jesus told the guy not to talk to anyone but the priest first was so that their word would be taken and so the healing wouldn't become gossip and hearsay in the community. It should serve to make us realize that sometimes the healing that God wants to do within us is personal first. It's another way of saying "input and output". We cannot share with someone something that we have not first received from God, and we must first HUMBLY position oursleves in place to do so. 

When Jesus deals with the Roman general, it should force us to look at our own faith. Not only did he come to Jesus believing that He had the power to do what he asked him to do, he also believed that the healing only needed to be spoken. Jesus didn't have to be present in order for what He said to take place. Often when we pray, we keep one eye open wondering if Jesus is even listening to us. It's easy to doubt and wonder, but His word is enough. We have to choose to believe this. Doubt is a choice but so is faith. 

Jesus is approached by a man who told Him that he would follow Him wherever He went but asked to delay while a loved one is buried. Perhaps these guys weren't prepared for Jesus' answer, which was pretty harsh. Are you ready to be homeless if need be? Are you prepared to move when I say move, even if its uncomfortable or inconvenient? We can easily give a lot of lip service to what we will do for God without counting the cost. This leads to us being heartbroken when what we thought doesn't line up with God's timeline and plan. We rush and waver. Never the less, it is His will be done, not mine. Salvation is free but it costs to follow Christ. 


Lord help me remember that you are The Lord over everything. Help me to humble myself and approach you in a way that is appropriate for the God of the universe. Your word is all I need, so let that be enough on days that I can't see what you are doing. Help me to be mindful of not only the price you paid for me but also that it costs the world to be in relationship with you. Amen.