Matthew 7:15-29


Matthew 7:15-29


Jesus talks about “true and false prophets” and “true and false disciples”. He says you can always tell a tree by it’s fruit. Good trees do not produce bad fruit and bad trees do  not produce good fruit. Jesus warns that not every person who says that Jesus is their “Lord” will get to Heaven. These people will frantically roll out their resume of “good deeds” to show all that they did but Jesus will say “I never knew you”.

Jesus talks about the importance of building on the right foundation. He tells a story about two builders. One who built on sand and the other who built on rock. He says that the builder who built on sand is the person who hears His teaching but does not follow it. The builder who built on the rock whose house could withstand the storm is the one who heard His teaching and followed it.


Jesus’ words here are perhaps some of the scariest words in scripture. He paints a picture of a day where people who fully believed and expected to go to Heaven will be met at the door (so to speak) and not allowed in. Can you imagine? It would be like believing you have a ticket to the biggest game in history only to get the door and realize you bought a forgery.

Jesus makes it clear that there is no amount of “doing” on our part that can gain us access to Heaven. There is one way. It is through surrendering to Jesus and declaring Him both Lord (authority) and Savior (eternal salvation). Jesus says something important, He says “I never knew you”. What Jesus wants with us is a personal relationship. God’s grace is not tricky or complicated. But, our surrender cannot be faked either.

If what we “do” for God does not flow out of our personal relationship with Jesus then we might be missing it. God wants your hands! He wants your natural gifts and abilities to be used for the advancement of His Kingdom. But, before God can use your hands He absolutely must have your heart.  


God thank you for Jesus! Today I pray that you would search every area of my life. Show me the places where I am depending on me and direct me into a dependence on You. I pray that You would first draw me into a closer relationship with You so that all I do would flow from that place. God, show me how to be the “wise builder”. In Jesus Name I pray. Amen!