Matthew 7:1-6


Matthew 7:1-6


Jesus is teaching not to judge and explaining why. He teaches that how we judge others is the exact same way we will be judged. The standard you hold others to will be the standard you are also held to. He continues with asking why we focus on someone else's small issue when we have large problems of our own to deal with. How can a man say let me help you with your junk, all the while his own problems go unattended. Jesus says that this type of person is a hypocrite. He advises to first deal with your own issues. Jesus ends this portion with something that sounds odd. "Don't give to dogs what is sacred and and don't throw your pearls to pigs, if you do they may trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces".


This is simple but difficult. Don't judge because the same standard you hold others to is the same standard you will be held to. We usually want to be really strict with everyone else and a little more lax with ourselves. It's human nature really, be harder on everyone else!

It's so much easier to see what's wrong with everyone else than it is to sit still enough to see one's own dirt. And even more easy to sweep our own dirt under the rug. There is no mandate for perfection but looking at my own issues and being able to be transparent and honest with myself and what I carry frees me up to better help my fellow sister or brother carry their burden. You might say we need to try and keep our side of the street clean before we start giving out brooms as Christmas gifts.

Furthermore, don't give your best to someone when they are not taking care of their own, then be angry when your best is wasted and thrown away. Be mindful of who you pour into, it matters. Making deposits in people's lives is no small matter.


God I know that It's so easy for me to look at all the bad in the world and miss my own sin. Help me to look at You. Looking at You will allow me to help others look at You too. Thank You for Your grace and thank You for Your patience when I take my eyes off of You.  Amen.