Matthew 6:25-34


Matthew 6:25-34


Jesus is teaching not to worry about anything. Anything at all! What we consume, what we wear, where we live. He’s saying that life itself is more important than all of theses things. He continues with telling the people to consider the animals. He explains that that they don’t work or worry yet they have all of the their needs taken care of. Jesus says that it is not beneficial to be solely motivated by what we eat, drink or wear and that it’s ungodly people who are consumed with this type of living. Instead, make seeking the kingdom of God and the things that lead to it the focus of your life. And in doing so, all your needs will be met in the process.


It is so easy to get caught up in the cares of this world. Especially real needs like looking for our next meal, what we might wear or even where we can afford to live. It’s not incorrect to be concerned or motivated by life's essentials, but there is a difference between living and surviving. One of these is true dependence on the Father, the other is frantic fear and absence of peace. Being able to trust and know that God manages and maintains the order of the universe should put my heart to rest when I become overwhelmed and worried. He is Lord over all creation and I can always look to God’s creation and see that He protects what he produces.


Lord thank you for your provision, especially when I can't see it. Thank your for grace when I worry and for when I become prideful in forgetting where my help comes from. Help me to not worry and look to the world for how to respond when I can't see what you are up to. I praise you for the finished work of the cross and for being loved by an all providing Father. Amen.