Matthew 4:12-25


Matthew 4:12-25


Jesus learns of John the Baptist being put into prison. We also see that Jesus “begins to preach”. Jesus calls His first disciples after encountering them on their own turf as fisherman. Jesus tells them that if they follow Him He will teach them how to fish for people (which sounds kind of weird but makes sense). We begin to see Jesus teaching, healing and drawing crowds of people.


This is the starting point of Jesus’ earthly ministry. He is teaching, healing, and drawing crowds and for the first time He is calling people to “follow Him”. Jesus finds His first followers right in the middle of them living their lives as usual. Sometimes we can forget that God is present in every detail of life. God is just as much in the ordinary details of our lives as He is the major moments. Jesus told those guys that if they followed Him He would teach them how to use a skill they already had in a new way. Don’t overlook your own natural skills and abilities when it comes to serving God and sharing your faith.   


God thank you for Jesus! Thank You for how Your word reminds us of Jesus’ ability to heal in any situation. Thank you for the reminder that You are in the ordinary details of our lives. Today I pray that you would show me how You would have me use the natural skills You have given me to share my faith and serve You well. It’s in Jesus Name that I pray. Amen!