Matthew 2:13-23


Matthew 2:13-23


Joseph is visited by an angel in a dream again. He is warned of Herod's plan to kill baby Jesus. It is interesting to think that such a small child could stir up so much anger and rage. The move to Egypt was more fulfilled prophecy (Hosea 11:1) and yet again the Old Testament ties into the New Testament. Herod is not happy that he was tricked by the wise men. His paranoia reaches a new level as he orders ALL boys 2 years old and under in Bethlehem and the vicinity to be killed. Murdered! I cannot imagine being a parent in that environment. After much time had passed Joseph is again directed by an angel in a dream that it was safe to leave Egypt. More prophecy is fulfilled. All the references to past prophecies being fulfilled must be important. It's worth looking into.


God ensured that Joseph had clear direction. He made sure that despite the efforts of people seeking to destroy what was started with the birth of Jesus that His will would be done. God can get a message delivered wherever and whenever He needs to. God protects what He produces.


God, today I pray for Your direction. I pray that You would speak to me as clearly as your angel once spoke to Joseph. God, I see that You can work in any and all circumstances to accomplish Your will regardless of those who attempt to stop You. I pray that You would protect and direct me in the things that You have birthed in my life the same as You did for Joseph in leading his family and newborn baby. God I thank you that I can read of your past faithfulness and I pray that it would be fuel for me today. In Jesus Name I pray. Amen.