Matthew 2:1-12


Matthew 2:1-12


The story of Christmas! Upon Jesus’ birth there are people who are already calling Him the “King of the Jews”. King Herod is very upset at the suggestion that there is a king being born who would encroach on his authority. The Old Testament ties again into the narrative of the New Testament when those King Herod summons for information confirm a prophecy from Micah 5. Herod calls the “wise men” or Magi and lies to them. He says that he wants to know where the child is so that he can worship Him too. The wise men arrive at the place where Jesus was born and give Him gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. They are warned in a dream to not go back to Herod and returned home by another route.


The wise men heard what Herod had to say but they didn't listen to him. Sometimes we cannot help but to hear what other people are speaking into our lives but it doesn't mean that we have to listen. Our pursuit of Jesus is something that is personal. Personal isn't necessarily private. The gifts that the wise men gave Jesus as a baby seem strange but they are very telling. If you research it, you can see that gold is a gift that symbolized royalty, Frankincense symbolized deity, and Myrrh was used for embalming dead bodies. These gifts were for a king, a God, and a funeral. What a picture of the future of Jesus who is only a small newborn baby. What a cool way to end the reading. “They returned to their country by another route”. Finding Jesus often means that our life has to take a different route than it previously was taking.


God, thank you for Jesus! Thank You that You allow us to constantly pursue Jesus on a daily basis just like the wise men. Today I pray that You would show me the new route that my life must take. Show me if I am on a journey to find Jesus for the first time or if I am returning to the routines of life on a different route. I pray that the direction You give me would be as clear as the star that led the wise men. In Jesus Name I pray. Amen.