Matthew 1:1-25


Matthew 1:1-25


The genealogy of Jesus serves far more of a purpose than to just make you and I feel dumb for trying to pronounce the names. Genealogy is important. The genealogy of Jesus matters with regard to prophesies about Him.

We pick up the story of the Savior of the world in a bit of relationship drama. Can you imagine? The girl you have been dating comes to you and says “I'm pregnant. It's not yours but I promise I never cheated on you. It's actually God’s baby” (that's a paraphrase of course). What must have gone through Joseph's mind?

Joseph was an honorable man and he wanted to maintain the honor of Mary. He wants out of the relationship but would keep it quiet to try and avoid the public disgrace that would fall on a young unmarried single mother in those days.

Joseph had a plan but God intervened. Joseph gets a visit from an angel who confirms Mary’s story. Not only that, but Joseph gets some important details about how this is WAY bigger than him. The angel tells Joseph that this child isn't just any child; He is going to save His people from their sins.

What the angel told Joseph was a fulfillment of a prophesy that we see in Isaiah 7:14. “Immanuel” which means "God with us" is very telling of who Jesus is.

When Joseph wakes up, he goes and does what the angel told him to do.


In difficult situations there are going to be multiple options. It's important that we keep our eyes open for the God option. Sometimes the God option doesn't look like the good option. Joseph saw what he believed to be the good option which was to walk away and try his best to maintain the honor of Mary. The God option made less sense and carried it's own difficulty.

When Joseph woke up he took action. He did what the angel told him to do. As you spend time making reading your bible a habit you are going to hear from God in new ways. He is going to show you things that will sometimes require you to take action. It's not enough just to see the difference between the good options in life and the God options in life. If we aren't willing to take the action then we will miss out on the blessings that God knows we will receive.


God, thank you for Jesus! Thank you that you loved us enough to send your Son to pay for my sins. To set me free. I pray that you would open my eyes to see past the good options in my life directly to the God options. Help me to see what You have for me. Where to take action, where to rest, where to speak and where to be silent. I pray that You give me the courage and strength I need to move into action when You say to move. I pray this in the Name of Jesus. Amen!