The Makings Of A Movement

The word movement is defined as: “A group of people working together to advance their shared beliefs”. There are political movements, artistic movements, church movements…all of which share a common thread woven into the fabric of their success, but what is it? What variable is so strong that it can be a determining factor in the success or failure of the “movement”? In short…it is the belief that what you have or what you know is too good and too important NOT to share with other people. No doubt there are many other factors that weigh in on the success or failure of a movement. However, we could all probably agree that a fundamental building block is and always must be that the people involved actually believe in the cause they support to the point that they will shamelessly tell others about it. And, as a result others have the chance to experience what they have experienced, and so grows the movement. 


The story of the Christian church is the story of one of the greatest movements of all time! Regardless of whether or not you believe in Jesus, you have to admit that even stripping away the supernatural elements of how the church as we know it today has come to be, it is pretty spectacular! Before the first church came into existence we see the leader (Jesus) removed from the picture. Leaving a group of painfully ordinary uneducated men with the God sized task of advancing this movement. Their tools…from the natural point of view, they were equipped with their “Jesus story” that is the story of how their lives had been changed as a result of following Jesus. So strong was their belief in what they had experienced and observed that they would stop at nothing to share this news with other people and as a result their numbers grew daily. A group of people dead set on advancing their shared beliefs…sound familiar?


Now, there is of course another side to all of this that we have to talk about, the supernatural side. From this perspective we know that these guys were also equipped with what we as Christians would identify as the Holy Spirit (this of course being the same Holy Spirit we as believers have access to today). So what? My point, is that even if you are unsure about this whole God and church thing…you can and probably still should be amazed at how this movement has advanced over all these years. If you are sure about this whole thing and would identify yourself as a Christian then you should most definitely be able to stand back in awe of the resiliency, power, and sheer impact of this movement we know as the church. It is after all, more than likely one of the main reasons you are a Christian. Yes, only God can change a heart but most definitely He works through His people and more than likely someone somewhere invited you to church and that invitation changed your life.  


Without getting over the top Braveheart on you (which I am guilty of doing from time to time) I would love to begin sharing with you what my wife, myself, and a growing launch team of people who are packing up their lives and moving across the country believe about the vision God has placed in our hearts. Over the next few months we will be updating this blog with both a written and video series titled “The Church I see…”. And, what follows over these next few weeks is the description of the seed God placed in my heart and what I believe to be the God given vision for Journey Church Detroit…in short I would like to share with you the makings of what I believe to be a quickly approaching and inevitable movement of God through His church, focused on the city of Detroit. You see, God is already moving and has been moving in Detroit…but most significant movements see “waves”. We believe that the next wave is about to roll through town and we are called to ride it.  


We are so thankful for however it is that you have found your way to our website! We would love to answer any questions you have about who we are, what we believe, or how you can become a part of what God is doing in our preparation to launch Journey Church Detroit. Please share our website with as many people as you know and help us spread the word! You can also track us down on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at (@thejourneyDT).